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Blocked Drains unblocked

Unblocking a drain with baking soda

It’s an old trick that baking soda can be used to unblock drains. While this doesn’t work in every case, and may not work if your blockage is particularly bad, we here at Trowbridge Plumbers have some handy tips and a quick guide to this drain unblocking method.

If the sink is full of water, first you want to put a bucket under the P-trap (underneath the sink in the cupboard) and open the P-trap to let the water out. Warning – this can splash a lot and be messy! Once that is done, replace the P-trap and ensure it is sealed. Empty the bucket and put the empty bucket back underneath, in case you did not reseal the trap correctly.

Now boil an entire kettle full of water, and pour this down the sink. For a light clog you may want to do this multiple times. The boiling water helps dissolve any oils and congealed substances causing the blockage. Once you’ve poured the water in, add powdered baking soda to the sink. Trowbridge Plumbers recommends a half cup, but follow the instructions on the package. Always ensure you are safe with baking soda, as it is a chemical and will require medical attention if it gets into your eyes or lungs. Do not touch it with your bare hands. Once this pours down into the drain, ensure that you plug the drain and create a tight seal.

After around 10-30 minutes flush the system again with boiling water. If the water still refuses to go through the system easily, or you couldn’t complete any of the steps ass the sink wouldn’t drain at all, then it’s time to call in the professionals as you have a big blockage on your hands. Look no further than Trowbridge Plumbers, we specialise in blockages of all shapes and sizes.