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Toilet Repairs

Broken Flush Mechanisms

Whether it’s your flush lever or button that’s not connected properly or if it’s a more serious problem that requires the flush mechanism to be replaced it’s no worries with Pritchard’s Plumbing and Heating. No matter what flush mechanism  we can sort out any problem with your toilet in general.

Whether it be a new toilet installation, toilet repairs or toilet replacement,  whether it’s a new toilet or an old toilet, whether you have a pull down rope or a push button, we can repair and replace any sort of flush mechanism whether it be big or small.

Call ua now, we’re open 24/7 365 days of the year and we’ll be around when you need us, all you have to do is speak to one of our trained friendly advisors on the phone to organise a time that works for you, whether that be right away as soon as possible, or at a specific time to fit your needs. Call today!

Toilet problems? Don’t fear, we are toilet specialists!

When you notice a foul smell or slow draining water, most people know the importance of calling a professional lumber. After all, these problems can be symptomatic of larger problems with your drainage which could lead to the unthinkable: flooding. That’s why if you even have the slightest element of doubt over the health of your drains, it’s always worth calling a professional  plumber to ease your concerns.

It’s heart-breaking to disclose the number of times we have witnessed properties severely damaged by water damage from flooding, it’s not always the only time you should consider calling an emergency  plumber. Small issues if left untreated can cause serious problems for you and your property.

Of course, I don’t just work as an emergency  plumber. We have years of experience completing routine plumbing installations. Whether this is for your kitchen, bathroom or heating does not matter. Therefore, if you would like us to assist you in installing a brand new toilet, we offer reasonable prices and can arrange an installation time convenient to you. Forget the rest, Trowbridge Plumbers will give you the best.